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Series of the Century

It was game four of the 1945 World Series.  The Cubs enjoyed a two games to one lead over the Detroit Tigers when the offensive scent of a "Cubbie fan" would forever change the Cubs franchise.  That fan was Murphy, the pet goat of Billy Sianis, owner of the Billy Goat Tavern.    Sianis and Murphy were ejected from Game Four because a light rain had caused to Murphy to ripen to the offense of Philip Wright Wrigley, owner of the Cubs franchise.  Sianis was so offended by his ejection from the game that he put the infamous Billy Goat Curse on the Cubs, supposedly dooming them to never play another World Series game at the sight of his displeasure, Wrigley Field.  And for 62 years, that curse has held up (thanks, in part, to the Cub meltdown following the Steve Bartman incident).

Now, the Cubs were not exactly enjoying a lot of World Series success at the time, with or without a curse.  In fact, they had already gone nearly 40 years without a Series title.  That brings us to the 2008 season.  It has officially been a full century since the Cubs last earned a World Series title -  are the stars aligning just right to make this a storybook season for the Northsiders?

The Tigers have positioned themselves to become possibly the most proficient offensive team in the history of the game.  They've got solid starting pitching and a pretty good closer.  All they're missing is some middle relief.  How fitting would it be for the Cubs to break the Goat Curse against the very team that brought it into existence?  Some "experts" are predicting the Cubs to have a run at an NL title in 2008.  Many are predicting the Tigers to make a run at the AL pennant.  Is this the year the Billy Goat Curse gets put behind the Cubs in a scenario befitting a Hollywood script?  Stay tuned.

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Posted on: February 20, 2008 11:16 am

DePaul gets robbed by the BCS

Do you need further proof that the BCS college football system doesn't work?  Look no further than the snub job the BCS has done to my beloved Blue Demons over the past decade.

With10 seasons under its belt, the BCS has not once crowned the DePaul Blue Demons as the nation's top football team.  This is absolutely crazy when you look at the statistics.  DePaul, in the ten years under the BCS tyranny, has not lost a single conference game.  Can any of the so-called national champions under the BCS system claim the same?  Of course they can't.  Look at the teams that were allowed to play on the main stage in 2007-2008, neither even compares to the Blue Demons.  Ohio State lost two games, and didn't even make it out of their conference without a loss.  LSU?  Yeah, they had a good year, but they also lost two games - both in their little SEC conference.  How does DePaul match up?  Undefeated, yet again.  You can call LSU the national champ, if you must, but I know the truth - undefeated in conference play, undefeated overall, yet not even invited to play in a BCS Bowl.

I've heard a lot of crying about how Boise State deserved a shot in 2006-2007.  That may be true, but where is the outrage for the criminal treatment of the DePaul Blue Demon football program at the hands of the evil BCS empire?  Heck, at least Boise got to play in the Fiesta Bowl when they went undefeated.

I am outraged and think it is about time someone stood up and demanded justice out of our football championship system.  LSU might claim the BCS Championship but DePaul is the undisputed DBD Championship winner.  Deal with that, Tigers!

Please join me next week for my blogs "The Washington Generals: Due?" and "Lack of Bass Fishing on ESPN Prime Time - the Conspiracy Continues".

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A Good Problem to Have: The Brandon Inge Dillema


As baseball talk starts to heat up, I find myself torn by the great moves made by the Detroit Tigers in the off-season.  The Tigers have added Miguel Cabrera, Edgar Renteria and Dontrelle Willis to the roster during the break – it’s hard to complain about those pick-ups but I’ll try, just the same.

With big named superstars such as Ordonez, Polanco, Pudge Rodriguez, Verlander, Bonderman, Sheffield and Granderson, the most versatile player on the Detroit roster is often overlooked.  Brandon Inge can, and does, play eight positions; and plays them well.  Heck, for all I know the guy could cover middle relief and make it nine positions.  He was the Tigers’ catcher before they picked up Pudge, he is one heck of a third baseman (great arm), he fills in at first on occasion, and he has all the skills necessary to be a starting outfielder in the MLB.  More importantly, this guy gives 100% at all times, and appears to be a guy who is universally respected and liked by his teammates.

So, with the addition of Cabrera and Renteria, where will Inge play?  I have a very bad feeling the answer is that he will play in a different city.  I know it’s a little greedy to complain about losing a .236 hitter at third base, when you’re adding a player of the caliber of Cabrera, who hit .360 with 34 home runs last year (more like what a third baseman should be doing at the plate than what Inge has been doing), but I just can’t get past the feeling that team chemistry is important – and that Inge is a very big part of the current team chemistry.

As I look over the roster, I see that I could also be posting “A Good Problem to Have: The Carlos Guillen Dilemma".

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The Finer Things in Life

Well, I'm new to this blogging thing (yes, I'm old) so bear with me while I figure out all this new-fangled gadgetry.

I was just thinking to myself, "Self, you should publish all your thoughts on life".  I mean, hell, what better end to dedicate oneself to than warping the impressionable minds of the young.  To that end, I'll start my blog by listing some of the finer things in life, and explaining why they are so fine.

The Glenlivet 18 year aged, single malt scotch whiskey.  If I have to explain why, you've obviously never experienced it.  I know, I know, there are more expensive bottles of scotch out there.  I don't care; expensive does not equal good.  I've had Johnny Walker Blue Label, and other spirits with $300+ price tags.  I still say Glenlivet 18 year is the best (and it isn't exactly cheap either - I think I paid about $85.00 for the last fifth I purchased).  I am willing to admit that there may be a bottle of $3,000 scotch that I've never had that is better than Livet 18, but who cares - it cost $3,000.

The game of Chess.  Yes, all the nerds in your high school belonged to the Chess Club, and the chicks don't exactly flock to the Chess tournaments to have entrants sign their cleavage, but the game is just so cool.  This game, contrary to popular belief, is all about aggression and dominance.  It is a game of imposing your will on your opponent.  If you've never played, I highly suggest learning.  If you've got kids, you are doing them a great disservice by not getting them interested - nothing develops the mathematical and problem solving mind like Chess.  I just wish I had picked it up at an early age.

Camping.  You just haven't lived unless you've sat with a cigar and a beer next to a campfire under the stars.  I'm talking about real stars here, not what you see when you look at the sky in or near a city.  The stars I'm talking about are so many, and so dense, that you have a hard time telling where one ends and the next begins; they all become more of a continuous cloud of matter than specs in the sky.  I think the closest I ever come to total peace is when I'm the last one up around the campfire - it's like my church.

Saturday Afternoon at Wrigley.  Baseball was meant to be played in the afternoon, and there is no better venue at which to experience it than at the friendly confines of Wrigley Field.  You don't even have to be a Cubs fan to appreciate the atmosphere at, and around, Wrigley Field on game day.  The streets are alive and the pubs are full; it isn't just about a baseball game, it's an experience.  With most of the stadiums of its day going the way of the dinosaur, Wrigley is a true treat for both the baseball fan and the fan of living right.

Reading a Bedtime Story to Your Kid.  I won't go into detail here, for fear of being thought soft.  I can just say that all the things you kill yourself to accomplish in life seem pretty silly once you've had this experience.  It really puts life into perspective.

I'll be bringing you more of this nonsense in the near future, as I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut in most circumstances.  Please feel free to suggest topics on which you'd like to hear the blow-hard, DBD, wax philosophical.

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